The Power of the Bench Press

Today we bench pressed … but the question some of you maybe asking is Why?

The bench press is a classic exercise, and it’s one of the best lifts you can do for you upper body.

Here are the top reasons to Feel Great about Bench Pressing today:

1. It Builds Muscle Mass which burns fat Yeah!. The bench press is a fantastic exercise for increasing muscle growth and adding some real mass to your frame. When used with the workouts, the bench press is one of the most effective upper body muscle builders out there.

2. Increase Push Strength. The bench press does work when it comes to making you stronger on push exercises. This is because it hits the chest, shoulders and triceps. These muscles are then made stronger for other push exercises like the pushup or push press.

3.It makes your bones stronger. The study, which was published in the Journal of Family and Community Medicine, showed that people who exercised with the bench press increased the bone mass density of the lumbar spine, the right neck femur, and the right distal radial head. The study authors recommended that elderly people with osteoporosis would do well to incorporate bench press training into their lifestyle so then we can definitely get a lot of benefits and motivate mall walkers all in one!

Today’s WORKout is…

10 rounds for time:
12 Deadlift
9 Hang Cleans

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