The Farmer’s Carry is about as simple as an exercise can get. I said simple, not easy!

Here are some reasons why every athlete should perform farmer’s walks with a variety of loads, objects, distances, and time.

  1. Strengthens Grip

2. You Gain Muscle Which Burns Fat

3. Increase Postural Strength

4. Enhance Core Stability

5. Maintain and Attain Shoulder Health

The Farmer’s Carry activates nearly every muscle group (hence why I like it) So Basically you get the most bang for your buck!

As a result, your entire body is put to work burning fat and creating lean muscle mass. It is also one of the safest workouts you can preform for the benefits.

So Tomorrow when we are carrying weights for the 400 meter you can focus on the wonderful benefits these dumbbells or kettlebells are giving you!

Today’s Workout is…

A. EMOTM 10min ODD: 20 Wt OH Situps EVEN:20 Side Arch Up’s B. 1000m row 800m run 400m farmer carry 200m lunges 100m bear crawl

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