First I must wish our very own Emily Plucker a Happy Happy Birthday!

She is such a huge part of the CPM Family and we couldn’t be more thankful for her birth!

So if you get a chance to see her this week feel free to bring in nothing bundt cakes, caribou coffee, or anything from scheels!

Happy Birthday friend!

The world became a better place the day you were born! Hope you get lots of celebration, and joy on your day!

Now to The Front Squat…..

If you have been #get2thegym then you have noticed we have been front squatting the past two weeks.

Why do we do this?

Why can’t we just back Squat?

There are often movements that I do not enjoy until I know the value they play on my overall fitness.

The people that take my classes, know that I am a huge WHY person! I believe that if you know the meaning and purpose behind what you are doing, your much more apt to be more invested in the movement.

This week we will be doing a 1 rep Front Squat and Here are the amazing benefits it will give you:

1. Posture
Front squats hold the load in the front of the body, forcing the upper back to stay extended to enforce good posture. It also keeps the body vertical, which is also good for your posture.

2. Flexibility
Practicing the front squat will help develop great flexibility! Isn’t it great that a lift can get you stronger and increase mobility! The front squat will show you right away how tight you are in your wrists, hips, and shoulders.The best part is the way to open up the shoulders, hips, and wrists is to do the movement and increase the range of motion.

3. Works Legs and Saves the Knees and the Back:
Front squats are easier on your back and knees. Science shows you can work the same muscles as the back squat but save your low back and knees. A 2009 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Opens a New Window. If you have have low back, knee issues then this might be the squat for you!

4. You Get Stronger and More Fit
You could argue that the front squat is a better measure of strength. First off it’s harder because you can’t cheat the front squat. Many people will find that when tested, the ratio between their front squat and back squat are significantly off because the front squat exposes our imbalances. So if you can really work on the front squat your back squat will improve as well; #2for1!

Today’s Workout is…

9 Deadlift
12 HSPUs
15 Box Jumps
400m run

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