This week we will be rowing for calories on Monday and Thursday.

Sometimes we do a 500 meter row and sometimes a 25 calorie row …


So how are calories calculated on the rower? Well the monitor is calculating calories per hour, which is related to power output, which the erg measures in watts. As your pace becomes faster, it requires more energy. That means going from a 1500 cal/hr pace to a 1600 cal/hr pace is much harder than going from 700 cal/hr to 800 cal/hr.

Do not change your mechanics just because the monitor looks different. All of the advanced formulas do not take stroke rate or damper setting into account. Just get comfortable with being uncomfortable during long rowing workouts and don’t try to game the machine because it will not work!

As winter approaches and we replace some of our running with rowing, this can be a fun strategic idea to play with. If a workout has a few longer meter rows, you might be better off rowing at a comfortable pace and saving your all out effort for other movements in the workout.

If the workout instead has a few 30 calorie rows, it might make sense to push a little harder in that section knowing you get a bigger payoff for your effort. Give it a shot the next few times rowing pops up and let me know if you notice a difference.

The O-Board Says…

Odd: 20 Side to Side Slam Ball
Even: 5 Strict Pullups

B. 20 min
Buy in: 1 mile run
AMRAP the remaining time:
10 Dips
15 Kb swings
20 Alt lunge

Posted By: Annie