If you have been #get2thegym this past month you may have noticed one of the programmer’s loves to front squat, LOL. Well that makes two of us! Of course I want to keep this peachy 🍑 butt for life, but there are many more reasons why you should be hitting front squats in your workouts.

Reason #1: Better Posture

Front squats hold the load in the front of the body, forcing the upper back to stay upright to enforce good posture. Strengthening these postural muscles, primarily the core, will train them to active during all your workouts and can help reduce risk of injury.

Reason #2: Increase Flexibility

There is no cheating your way out of front squats. The front squat will show your weaknesses and lack of mobility right away especially in your wrists, hips, and shoulders. The more you practice the front squat, the more flexibility you will be able to gain your calves, shins and hips.

Reason #3: Saves the Back

You may have experienced some low back pain a time or two after a heavy back squat day. All the weight is loaded on the spinal column and even a slight forward lean can translate to lower back pain over time. With front squats, most of the stress is taken off the low back due to the placement of the weight if done correctly.

Reason #4: Improved Quad Strength

Back squats are great for working the hamstrings and quads but you are getting more hamstring and glute activation. This can leave your quads ‘sleeping’ in a sense, not reaching their maximum potential. By adding front squats to the mix, you overcome this strength imbalance.

Reason #5: Provides Great Transferability

Lastly, the strength gains you get from front squats will transfer to other exercises. As you get stronger in your front squat you will notice your back squat numbers improving as well. Front squat skills will transfer to many of the other lifts we do in the gym, such as the clean and jerk, thrusters and/or the snatch. Because these all have front squat movement patterns, the stronger your front squat gets, the more weight you will be able to lift during these exercises as well….BONUS!



A: Death by Front Squats 😳

200m Waiter Walk
20 Ball Slams
20 Slam Ball Toe Taps (2’s)
*10 Burpees every 4 minutes

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