Let me start with a confession: I really, really hate winter. ❄️❄️❄️

I hate the way the frigid cold makes your bones hurt. I hate the darkness and how the end of my workday bleeds so quickly into sunset. I hate the brutal wind that will numb and freeze your face. I hate the icy and snowpack roads that make my daily commute very nerve-racking.

But what I hate even more is spending the next several months stuck in an emotional state of total dread. You know the “winter blues”. I realize I can’t change the weather here in South Dakota, and while I like to dream about moving south, my family and job are here.

I read a great article the other day on how by changing our mindset can help distract us from the cold and darkness. Of course a Norwegian wrote it 😬but I got thinking what if there was a better way to spend winter. What if we could look at it as a season to enjoy and even embrace? Is that even possible?

One of the things we are all guilty of is complaining about the cold. Focusing all of our energy on the negative aspects and going out of our way to play up the bad things. I think we need to accept that winter has arrived and change our dialogue. Instead of talking about the cold, maybe our twist can be how the cold gives us the chance to drink coffee or hot cocoa all day, or how our outdoor allergies go dormant or better yet how we can increase our brown fat (I will save this topic for another blog).

As some of you know, the temperature in the gym is about comparable to the outside temps😩. In previous years I would not wear enough layers, my feet would be frozen and I would be miserable all day. A great quote from the Norwegian article stated, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. So this year I bought some battery operated socks, fleece tights and a few new stocking hats. So if you see me walking around with what looks like an ankle monitor just remember this makes me a pleasant person to be around😊.

And of course wintertime means the holidays are quickly approaching. For me I cherish this time with my family. It brings us all together. Wintertime is also a time of baking cookies, building snowman, drinking red wine 🍷and eating comfort foods.

I guess my biggest take away is that winter is not inherently worse than summer. It’s just different. But just like summer has its cons, winter seems to have a few pros. It is our job to find them and then make the most of them when we do.

I am not going to pretend that winter and I will be BFF’s by the end but I am going to consciously put forth some effort into embracing the season. So grab your fuzzy socks, an oversized blanket and a mug of something hot ☕️ and cozy up to the fireplace with some of the people you love.




B. For Time:
60 kb swings
50 cals on rower
40 Power Cleans
30 T2B
20 Front Squats
10 bar muscle ups / pullups
5 Devils Press