I know most of us are very comfortable in our daily routine.

CPM on Mondays

Running Tuesdays

CPM Wednesdays….

and so on and so fourth.

We can go months, years, decades without changing a thing and sticking with our same old routine. We have now all had to change it up, do something out of your box. We have had to challenge ourselves in all aspects of fitness either having no equipment, doing it by yourself at home, or kids interrupting etc…

I was the girl who was so wrapped up in my routine that I never got to experience all the wonderful things that the fitness world had to offer.

When Covid 19 came into the mix we all had to shift and make a change in our fitness regimen. Most of us had to go to virtual coaching and begin to find new and innovative ways to bring fitness into your life.

I chose to look at this as a blessing not a curse! I relied on my coaches more than ever (yes I like you look to Nicole, Chris, drFIT to keep me motivated). I also began to look forward to new opportunities on ways to stay fit.

What I found is you don’t need a lot to get a lot, you need consistency and a community supporting you and cheering you on pushing you every step of the way!

I began to look forward to each day and what workouts I would have in store for “tomorrow”.

I began to focus on the things I could control. I have always wanted more stretching in my life so now I have time to stretch.

My back has been not feeling the greatest and probably needed a shift and this was it. I get to go on more walks with the boys which has mentally been amazing and such a great change after being stuck inside all winter. We run around and chase two crazy men and do fun challenges like Quarantine Bingo and Weekend Warrior Challenges all while staying healthy, fit, and happy.

Don’t overthink it ..I always say KIS it (keep it simple)! Chris and I have a phrase right now which is “Something is better than nothing”. If you can do it now, it will only be an easy to stay on a healthy routine when we go back to life as we once knew it!

I was opening up my fitness horizon and really feeling better than ever on the inside and out!

So make sure you guys are doing the workouts online – I look at the week ahead and whichever are the ones I cringe at .. I make sure I do them. It’s in those workouts that you feel proud of yourself and really truly accomplished

If you are not familiar with Yoga … get familiar!

Do the fun weekend warrior challenges and bingo etc …

Go out of your box and you will have a whole new outlook on fitness and all the fitness world has to offer!

Now is your chance!

The O-Board Says…


30 snatch for time

Cash Out: 200 meter walking lunge

Posted By: Annie