The Art of Finding Healthy Balance

woman doing yoga pose

by Nicole Zacher

Balance. Is that even possible?

This question has been heavy on my mind lately. Between family, work, fun and the extra stuff life throws at us, I’ve felt a little out of whack. Like perfection, balance also seems to that unobtainable goal we all try to reach.  A Google search of “How to find balance in your life” brings up 1,800,000,000 results — I guess I am not the only one trying to find it!

But what does “balance” really even mean?

What Does Healthy Balance Mean To You?

As someone who constantly aims to improve herself (to a fault), for me the term “balance” has always carried a certain kind of pressure. When people talk “balanced lifestyle”, my tendency is to draw comparison and judge myself for not matching up, when in reality, we shouldn’t all “match” in the first place.

I think most of us associate balance with “doing it all”. Giving all things costs time and energy. Who are we kidding?!? There is no way we can do it all and do it all well.  I am guilty of “busy-ness”. It gives me a sense of worth and importance.

But I believe if balance truly does exist, we need to stop thinking that more things, more commitments, and more everything is better.

Focus On Your Priorities

Everyday, we are focusing on something different — a new goal, a project, or struggle that needs our attention. The next day, things may shift. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s more about prioritizing what matters most to us and what is deserving of our time, energy, and money.

Balance is a lifetime project. It will not look the same for everyone. There will always be room for improvement and change. At the end of each day, the question we should be asking ourselves is whether or not our day ended with fulfillment and happiness, and if not, how can we make tomorrow better.

As Mae West once said, “I never said it would be easy; I just said it would be worth it.”

Need Some Balance in Your Life?

Finding balance begins with discipline. If you need help finding some more balance in your life, reach out to your coach to help you set goals and stay focused.

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