#75hard: Learn About #drFIT’s Latest Challenge

Last week, I embarked on a new challenge.

This challenge entails physical toughness, but far above the physical strength that will come from it, there will be an even greater change. That change will mental toughness and it will hopefully change my life from the inside-out!

For those who know me, you probably think that I am as strong inside as I am out. The truth is, I lack mental toughness and especially self discipline.

So, when a client came to me who was considering starting this challenge herself, I decided there would be no better time than now to take on this journey of self betterment with her!

Mental toughness: the ability to resist, manage, and overcome doubts, worries, concerns and circumstances that prevent you from succeeding or excelling at a task or toward an objective or performance outcome that you set out to achieve.

Welcome to the #75hard

#75hard is one of the biggest mental programs to help you get out of your own way! The goal is to create mental strength and, of course, the added benefits of physical strength. For 75 consecutive days, I must complete the following:

  • complete a 45 minute workout
  • complete a second 45 minute workout OUTSIDE
  • take a daily progress picture
  • read ten pages of a self-development book
  • follow a diet that fits my current needs/wants
  • no cheat days and no ALCOHOL!

A Couple Of Things To Note

. . . only because I have been ridiculed already.

 Andy Frisella, the creator of the program, doesn’t specify what type of workouts are to be completed. Heck, I can go for two 45 minute walks if I want!

Notice also that he isn’t forcing a certain diet plan. I’ll simply pick something that fits what I am currently training for or what my needs and wants are.

I just can’t cheat or stray from that diet! If I fail, I merely start back at day one. I was initially intrigued by the fact I get to decide what diet plan I will follow based on my current goals and recent gut issues.

The biggest takeaway from researching and reading about the #75hard is this:

There is no modification to the program. Something I am focusing on is trying not to compromise and adapt to things that suit my needs.

“When you make a small compromise to yourself, it engrains that decision pattern in your life. You subconsciously tell yourself that is okay, and without knowing, create a pattern of compromise across every single area of your life.” — Andy Frisella

My Motivation

Why did I say yes to my client who brought me this idea?

I was sick of being stuck in the same B.S. of my thoughts and emotions, willing to compromise anything that came my way because it better suited the things I wanted at the time.

I wanted to prove to myself that I am the strongest version of myself. Not only that, I want to become an even better version of myself.  I want to become what people see when they look at me — not what I see.

I want my kids to see that they can do whatever they set their mind to. I want them to see a strong, God-fearing mom who they can look up to and learn something from! I want them to learn that we are not the sum of our past mistakes, and to be someone they are proud of.

This isn’t about looking better, it’s about being better inside and out!

How To Support Me

I am halfway into my second week! Only 66 more days to go ?.

The one thing I ask is for your support. Don’t ridicule my diet decision; I chose it for reasons you probably don’t know. Don’t tempt me with alcohol, because in the short nine days so far, I haven’t built up enough strength to turn down a glass of wine or a beer at dinner. Don’t tell me that I am working out too much. I have learned to know my body and it’s aches and pains.

What I want is your love and support. Let me know I’m doing great and encourage me along the way. Just like you’re proud of your own health accomplishments, you can be proud of where I’m at and where I’m heading — I know I am!

I will leave you with a little excerpt from a book I just read, because as you now, I’m reading now and it fits perfectly to what I am working on inside!

From The Noticer by Andy Andrews

”Everybody wants to be on the mountaintop, but you’ll remember, mountaintops are rocky and cold. There is no growth on the top of the mountain. Sure, the view is great, but what’s the view for? A view just gives us a glimpse of our next destination — our next target. But to hit that target, we must come off the mountain, go through the valley, and begin the climb to the next slope. It is in the valley, through the lush grass and rich soil, learning and becoming what enables us to summit life’s next peak.”

Are You Looking For a Challenge?

While diving into this program may not be the right thing for you right now, there’s always opportunity to find a new challenge depending on what your goals are.

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