Join Our Upcoming “Not a Diet” Nutrition Challenge at CPM


Our next nutrition challenge is here, CPM Fitness! This September 2020, we’re taking on the #800gCHALLENGE.

What is the #800gChallenge?

The 800gChallenge is a diet free of restrictive rules that can help shed weight, reduce blood pressure, and improve performance and recovery.

The rules? Simply eat 800 total grams, by weight, of fruits and vegetables a day. It must be unprocessed whole fruits or vegetables. Weigh them cooked, canned, frozen, or fresh. And then, eat whatever else you want! Nothing in your diet is eliminated.

[The challenge is designed by Optimize Me Nutrition.]

Why Are We Doing This Nutrition Challenge?

Beside the fact that challenge are fun, motivating, and a good way to win some prizes, there is reason behind why we selected this particular challenge for our CPM members.

1. It’s SIMPLE!

This challenge is simple in the way that a nutrition plan should be. The diet space is inundated with confusion, contradictions, and too many opinions.

When you focus on the single target of 800 grams of fruits and vegetables, many other benefits come along:

  • Preference flexibility. You can choose the fruits and veggies you want.
  • Eliminate poorer choices. When you focus and eat more of the better choices, more of the poorer choices just fall off the plate.
  • Accept imperfection. Human beings are imperfect by design. Few people can adhere to a 100% perfect diet forever, and it is questionable how necessary that even is.
  • Sustainable. Due to the flexibility, the lack of “off-limit” foods and the minimal tracking burden make the #8009gChallenge a sustainable approach to healthy eating.

2. Micronutrients Really Matter

This challenge is much more than a weight loss program. We all know that vegetables and fruits are good for us, but do you really know how much they really do for you?

I’m sure you’ve heard about counting your macronutrients. But, what about your micronutrients?

According to Dr. Bruce Ames’s Triage Theory, chronic disease is actually micronutrient deficiency in the long term.

Basically, what’s happening right now is that people are eating a very low micronutrient dense diet, and their bodies are doing the best that they can to survive in the minute, at the expense of long term health.

3. We Need a Standard

The 800 grams number is a great way to hold yourself accountable, stay honest with yourself, and check in daily. Having a specific number is very useful.

Are You In?

Join us for the #800gCHALLENGE at CPM Fitness! It’ll be fun, with accountability and even prizes along the way.

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