What Do You Do When You Lack Motivation?

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Well, it’s official. I am out of the romance stage of the #75HARD, and you guessed it — this is hard!

The mental toughness of this is no joke! To be completely raw with you, I really want to have a glass of wine with my mom. Not only that, it’s hard to go to our family dinners on Sunday because we drink a couple glasses of wine and talk religion and safe politics.

I find myself not wanting to go. I hate being around it because I miss the social aspect of it. It’s sad but true. But damn, I am into this thing with 40 days down! It’s a downhill climb, so I won’t quit now!

Maybe you’ve been there, too. What do you do when motivation fails you?

What Do You Do When You Lack Motivation?

Last week was hard on me both emotionally and physically.

The colder weather and personal life had me down. I couldn’t find the motivation to go to my outdoor workout and then head to the gym only to catch the noon class for another 45 minutes. I wasn’t only lacking motivation for myself, but also for my clients and my co-workers.

“Muster a fake smile and tell them everything is going amazing,” I told myself. I had to choose the right mindset to help my clients better themselves, when really I wanted to crawl to the corner of the room and feel bad for myself.

How do you get out of your own head to finish strong in the day? How do you gain enough motivation to keep going?

I re-evaluated and hopefully I can stay on track. Here are some things I put into practice to help stay on this path.


Ask yourself: “Why am I doing this in the first place?”

I was heading down a dark path in my life and I needed some mental clarity. I wanted me back! I wanted to be mentally strong and healthy so I can take care of the people most important in my life.

In the past 40 days, I have spent more time with my kids than I have in the last year! My “why” brought me into fighting for my goal.

Re-define Your Goal

My goal was my why. I remembered that I didn’t embark on this to get physically fit. I did this to get emotionally fit.  

Most of you know life isn’t easy. I was really good at playing victim and blaming others for my unhappiness. All of us go head to head with a brick wall at some point in our lives. If you allow it, that wall will stand high and strong and leave you in a beat up pile of garbage on the ground.

However, you can choose to be stronger than that wall, knocking it down brick by brick until it disappears. Do you want that wall to ruin you or make you stronger? My goal was to head into the brick wall and leave in ashes behind, leaving me stronger to take on the next one!

Look for the Bigger Picture

Probably one of the things I am most proud of in this journey is reading the self-development books (I really hate to read, so this alone is a huge feat).

I have taken some great advice from friends and even my pastor on good books. The last book I read really pushed me in new ways to help me see the bigger picture. What’s the purpose? What’s this all for? I’m still unsure of a lot, but heading the right direction spiritually is my big picture!

Keep It Positive

Always stay positive!

I am naturally a positive soul. When I realize you “get to” instead of I “have to”, life really changes! I try to keep positive and upbeat, and #75HARD is changing my life for the better. So, I’ll keep going!

You Are Your Companyimage of man with text "pay close attention to those who don't clap when you win"

Have you ever heard the saying “you are the company you keep?”

One way to stay motivated is to be with people you will help you on your journey. They tell you the truth when you need it. They cheer you on when you accomplish something big.

Best of all, they want you to succeed!

How’s Your Motivation?

Do you feel yourself lacking motivation? Maybe put some of these into practice next time. Do you have ways to stay motivated? If so, I would love to hear them!

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