Member Spotlight: Aaron Ellingsen

Meet Aaron — aka Ace.

Ace has been a CPM member since December of 2017.  I met Aaron quickly when I first came to CPM more than a year ago. Once I said hello, I knew Ace was someone I instantly wanted to know. His contagious personality is an instant gravitational pull. He is goofy (see if you can read his answers without giggling) and very kind!

Ace has a heart of gold, and you would be so lucky to get to personally meet him someday if you haven’t! Until then here is a little bit about this committed CPM member.

members at CPM Fitness

CPM members Aaron (Ace) Ellingsen (L) and Alex Pearson (R).

All About Ace

Good thing Ace just measured his body fat a few days before this interview, because I’m sure you all wanted to know it. Standing at 5’11’’ and 175 pounds, he holds just 8% body fat.

He is a Leo, a financial advisor for UBS by day, and father to two amazing girls — Izzy (18) and Chloe (15). As of recent, he’s also the an owner of an eight-week old border collie puppy named Jesse.

What’s Interesting About Ace?

“That’s a tricky one,” Ace says before adding, “One interesting thing that no one knows about me is that I am an inspiring instagram belfie model.” (Not sure what a belfie model is? You’re better off.)

Ace claims that he’s done some lesser known “off the runway” projects that he’s really proud of.

“I feel confident that if I keep squatting, I’ll one day get the opportunity to attract a** model opportunities with Wrangler — or maybe even Lee.”

One Thing Ace Wishes He Could Change

As tears begin to well into Ace’s eyes, he tells us about his calf-hero Kobe Bryant (RIP).

“I’ve always admired his calves,” Ace explains. “If I could change one thing, I’d have been born with calves. I’m currently saving up for calf implants — nothing obnoxious, though.”

Ace’s Favorite Physical Attribute

“Another tough one,” Ace says. “There are so many to consider.”

He says his favorite physical attribute is that the adage ”aging white men can’t jump” doesn’t apply to him; he’s a gifted leader in this area!

Super Powers in the Gym

If you’ve seen him in action, you know that Ace is a double-under machine.

“What’s my secret?” he asks, with a wink. “I have a $200 jump rope. (He’s not lying ?).

He’s also known for his strict pull-ups, and clains that once Chris Mello needed to “cheat” in order to beat him in a push-up contest. (Don’t worry; I am looking for the leaked footage!)  Oh, and good luck beating Ace in a row climb. (Mr. Mello, you up for another challenge?)

Ace’s One Word to Describe CPM



Why He Keeps Coming Back

“I have a short term memory,” Ace says. “I vow at minute 12 of each workout that I’m quitting my membership. Then, somehow by the next day, I’ve forgotten the suffering endured the day before.”

(This is all lies. He loves us all!)

One Thing Ace Wants to Improve On

Ace says he wants to keep working on muscle-ups and mobility.

(Hey Ace, I know a couple great coaches that can help with that!)

Ace’s Favorite Coach, and Why It’s #drFIT ?

“Easy!” Ace says. “DrFit (Chelsey’s) presence, positive attitude, and American Idol worthy singing voice are a huge asset to CPM!

(Okay, so I snuck this one in there. All coaches at CPM are amazing, but clearly I am Ace’s favorite ?. If you haven’t heard my Celine Dion while attempting a PR, you are missing out! )

Want to Meet Ace?

If you haven’t met Ace, then you probably need to get to the gym! He’s almost always here, and in addition to making others laugh, he’s also one of friendliest and most encouraging members in our fitness community.

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