Are You Standing In Your Own Way?

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Why do we do it?

We often stand in our own way from reaching our goals. We stand in our way of growth and think that the pain is worth going through, or that maybe it’s simply something we have to live with.

I have seen this happen in my clients, in my friends, and though some self-discovery, in myself. How do we get out of our own way to become the version we used to be? Or, better yet, not who we used to be, but someone we want to be?

How I Got Out Of My Own Way

I have stood in my own way for years.

I was plagued with an old high school back injury that was left to “heal” on its own. After a year of college volleyball and still dealing with pain, we decided it was time to see the team doctor.

After a CT scan, a doctor telling me I would just have to deal with the pain, and many years of standing in my body’s way (hitting deadlift PRs with a bad back is not recommended by this Dockter), I decided for myself this couldn’t be how I would live the rest of my life.

But do you know what’s hard? It’s hard to change your mindset after years of only having one. But, it’s 110% or nothing!

That’s how I once stood in my own way, but maybe for you it’s finding yourself worthy of change. Maybe you’re struggling to make healthy decisions after years of neglecting your health. Everyone has their own wall to knock down, but how?

We go through life doing the same routine day in a day out. Then, all of a sudden, we realize that we are going in a direction that we never intended to go down. We realize we need to change, but aren’t always willing to do what it takes to change.

There are a couple of questions that I like to ask clients when they are holding themselves back.

1. What is pushing you away from your old ways of doing things?

Why do you want to change? What’s your why?

When I was starting to think about doing the #75hard, there would be days when I thought about the person I was becoming. At times, I wasn’t sure that my kids would be proud of me if I kept living out my current ways. This was my why.

2. What is pulling you toward new ways of doing things?

Why is change appealing to you? What’s the value in pulling away from your old self?

For me, that value was a clear head and becoming a better mother. How rewarding to be able to pull away from your old self to find a better self.

What About You? Are You Standing In Your Own Way?

These are just a couple questions to ask yourself — and we might ask you, too!

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We would love to challenge you and lead you in the right direction and together make a change for the better.

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