You Are Your Company — Choose Wisely!

Last week I was lost; broken from the hardness of the #75hard.

It’s hard. The mentality is hard. I focused on ways to gain my motivation back. My why, my goal, the bigger picture, staying positive, and being with like-minded people were my main focuses to keep moving forward. I know this will change me from the inside out, as it has already!

I have found that the company you keep is the company you become. Probably one of the biggest takeaways from this whole experience is finding who actually wanted me to succeed and who just pretended they wanted me to succeed. The hardest thing in life is getting rid of the bad influencers and finding ones that influence me for the better.

You Are Your Company

Last week at church, our theme was “mob mentality”. Think about it. We all break off into mobs — work mobs, social mobs, church mobs, even gym mobs. These mobs can influence you in becoming someone you want to be or someone you never thought you could be. Good or bad, these mobs can shape you into the person you can become.

CPMFitness MOBChelsea and Nicole at CPM Fitness

Here at CPMFitness, our mob is here to challenge you.

My latest book challenged me to be a better friend and coach — to be true to my clients and to be real with them. We don’t want our friends to sit in limbo; we want them to fly high and to succeed. Our coaches at CPM are set to challenge you and be real with you! Our job isn’t to let you be complacent; our job is to make you better because we ultimately care for you and your health.

Remember that while the truth hurts sometimes, it can push you to do things you wouldn’t normally do — like the #75hard challenge for me. Who pushes you to be better? Are they pushing you to be better, or hoping deep down that you fail?

Friend MOB

So-called “friends” can be good for the soul, or they can be very bad. Before this challenge, I was in a dark hole, doing things I wasn’t happy with myself for doing. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. They were good people, but just liked to have too much fun, and it was turning me into someone I didn’t want to be. If I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. I decided it was time to re-evaluate myself and my influencers.

Remember last week when I mentioned that I officially have hit the hard in the #75hard?

I am losing motivation, and I so badly want to cheat on a meal! I want to head to the bar and watch football on Sunday and order a bucket of beer. I don’t want to connect with my feelings anymore. In fact, I want to forget I have any sometimes!

But, I don’t want to get lost in the feeling-less person I was again, so I texted my girl BMamba (aka mama). She takes care of me by telling me the truth (even if I don’t want to hear it), but she also cheers me on! I have found people who want me to succeed. My gym girls (you know who you are) are my mob; they influence me to be better.

Who’s In Your Mob?

So, who is your mob? Are they making you better? Do you need a new gym mob?  What about someone who will tell you how it is because they care about you?

If you’re missing this in your life, especially when it comes to your health and fitness goals, then let’s connect!

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