Activity is Essential — Especially During a Health Crisis

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When you look at our current health crisis, it is no secret that there are many different opinions. COVID-19 has taken over our lives, but more importantly, our health. Many are living in fear or having to stay home.

The current pandemic has caused many people to think seriously about their health, and that’s why I want to highlight what I believe is another type of health crisis — our nation’s level of inactivity.

“COVID-19 has just so vividly exposed our unhealthy lifestyles. You go through a lists of risks for COVID-19, especially dying of COVID-19, or being severely ill from COVID; those are the diseases of inactivity.” — Robert Sallis, M.D. [quote source]

Exercise is Essential to Our Health

Physical activity is key to our health and our livelihood.

It is key for prevention, management, and treatment of chronic health, and our long-term health and longevity. Exercise is medicine, and our doctors should be prescribing it. America’s inactivity is a major health problem, and our inactivity is also a health crisis.

. . . Especially Now

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, exercise is even more crucial.

“The pandemic has drastically decreased the level of activity among U.S. adults and children. An Evidation survey with more than 185,000 participants reports that between March 1 and April 8, activity levels declined by 48% among adults.” [source]

According to the Center for Disease Control, inactivity impacts pre-existing diseases that also increase the risk of severe COVID-19. COPD, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and sickle cell disease are just a few of these diseases that could increase the risk of severity of the virus.

This is why we at CPM have chosen to stay open during COVID-19. We’ve been working diligently to make our work area safe and clean for all members, coaches, and our clients, while limiting our class sizes in order to maintain social distancing in the gym.

Meanwhile, we’re still providing at-home workouts for those who don’t feel comfortable coming into the gym at this time.

At CPM, we believe that we can all work together to keep our wonderful city safe and healthy both inside and out.

Tips for Staying Healthy

Whether there’s a pandemic or not, we can’t stay healthy by sitting on our bums at home.

We have to make a conscious effort to improve our health and the health of others. At CPM, our coaches pride ourselves on our deep care for our clients and future clients. We truly want everyone healthy.

Did you know that physical activity can:

  • reduce the chances of developing a chronic disease,
  • lessen the risk of contracting non-communicable or communicable diseases,
  • improve immune health,
  • and improve mental, emotional, and overall health?

Get some Vitamin D and hit the trails! Sioux Falls has an amazing bike trail; go and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Get in on the Mayor Paul TenHaken’s 100 miles in 100 days. Even though the initial 100 days have passed, there’s no reason not to join. You may even see the mayor running the trails like I have.

Find a coach or friend who is wanting the same thing you do. When I joined my first gym, I joined with a friend, and she was the best accountability partner.

Is Your Health In Crisis?

With easily accessible junk food and all the binge worthy Netflix series out there, it’s easy to see why we as a nation struggle with overweight and obesity.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about looking great. Staying active and choosing a nutritious diet also affects your quality of life, your immune system, and minimizes the potential for underlying health conditions that can exacerbate viruses like COVID-19.

If you are ready to get your life and health on track, hunt one of our amazing coaches down or contact CPM Fitness. With your help, we can make you the best version you will ever be. Then, grab a friend and help them. Let’s turn this inactivity health crisis around together.

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