2023 Will Light Your Fire 🔥 With Just One Word

Every year around this time (especially in the fitness industry) new goals and new motivation are hyped at an all-time high. Enter New Year’s Resolutions — people committing to:

  • New diets and weight loss
  • New fitness regiments
  • New rules for life

A fresh start to a new year seems like a perfect opportunity to make some new goals, change your habits, and elevate your life.

Goal Setting That Actually Works

The problem is that the same ol’ goal setting doesn’t work. Up to 92% of all New Years Resolutions will fail. Plus, 78% of resolutions stop after just three weeks into the new year.

So, why not take a different approach to setting goals and making resolutions? What if it just took one word to change everything this year?

Instead of creating endless goals and resolutions, you could find one word to be your driving force for the year. No goals. No wish lists. Just one word. Best of all, anyone, anytime can discover their word for the year.

After reading Jon Gordon’s One Word, CPM has approved this method as our go-to for our annual goal-setting protocol.

The #CPMApproved One Word is designed to inspire you to simplify your life and work by focusing on just one word for this year. One word creates clarity, power, passion and life change.

Choosing Your One Word

There is one rule when setting up your One Word for the year — it has to impact all six dimensions of your life:

  1. Mental
  2. Physical
  3. Emotional
  4. Relational
  5. Spiritual
  6. Financial

Simply put, One Word applies to every area of your life.

There is a word meant for you and when you find it, live it, and share it, your life will become more rewarding and exciting than ever.

CPMFITness’s One Word for 2023

This year, our gym’s One Word is fire. 🔥

Most people know that a fit, healthy, strong body helps with all areas of their life. But why is it so hard to keep it at the top of our priorities?

Life is busy. Life is fast. People say they lack time. But, priorities are all about focus. When we have our priorities in check our lifestyle falls in line the way it should be. But focus is hard to create and harder to keep. Life is not only fast but it has seasons and is constantly shifting. So how do we create focus and then keep it for an entire year?

Focus needs fire 🔥.

Fire is the passion inside of you for change. Fire is the real reason you want, need, and deserve the body (and the lifestyle) that you desire.

Fire is what will help you pivot when life enters a different season and your goals may need to change but your priorities can still stay in place.

At CPMFITness, we are going to bring the heat in 2023 in everything that we do — in our services, in our events, in our content, and in our community.

We are committed to lighting the fire inside each and everyone of you. We are lighting the fire to create momentum and support and coach you to keep that fire going throughout the entire year of 2023.

“A successful warrior is an average man with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee

When a fire is lit inside of you, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

This year we at CPMFITness, will be coaching and encouraging everything through the lens of building the fire. Join us!

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