Six Week Olympic Lift Course Begins January 9

CPM Olympic Lifting Course

Thanks to all who joined us in the CPM Burgener Total a few months ago! It was such a fun event, and now we found a base for the Olympic lifts.

During the CPM Burgener Total event, participants found their total weight in the snatch, clean and jerk, and front squat. Now, we’re taking what we learned into something even bigger — the first ever CPMFitness Olympic Lift Clinic! We didn’t find those base totals for nothing.

The course package includes 12 classes, pre- and post- assessments, video analysis, and custom homework catered to each individual. The course lasts six weeks (twice per week), and we will combine snatch and back squat one day with clean and jerk and front squat the next.

All the Details

This six week course begins January 9. Contact your CPM coach to sign up!

  • Who: Those who want to get better
  • What: CPM Olympic Lift Clinic
  • When: January 9, 2021 through February 13, 2021
  • Where: CPMFitness at the Western Mall
  • Why: To get better
  • Cost: $199 (Or, sign up by January 4 for the Early Bird Rate of $180!)

Clean and jerk at CPMFitness

Why Do We Complete Olympic Lifts?

Awhile back, I wrote why these lifts are so beneficial, so here is a recap.

Increases Power and Jumping Ability

The clean & jerk and the snatch produce some of the highest power outputs in all of sports.

Olympic weightlifting enhances our power outputs, which is the ability to display strength with speed. Power is the key ingredient to running faster and jumping higher! (Bonus for those athletes out there.)

Increases Speed

The ability to create power and the ability to move resistance against gravity is your starting strength.

Starting strength enables us to move muscles and our bodies to create force to push off a surface and to move our bodies quickly. As we age, we naturally see a decline in lean muscle mass and a reduction in power production. This means our starting strength decreases.

If you want to be able to get out of a chair with out use of our hands or arms, then it’s time to consider a program for power and speed! Consider starting a program that focuses on power and speed.

Increases Core Strength

Olympic-style lifts involve a lot of core strength and stability. A stable core improves balance and stability, not only in weightlifting, but in our every day life.

The Olympic lifts leave no muscle untouched.

An increase in strength also stimulates the body to improve bone density.  It can be said that Olympic lifting can actually strengthen our bones. This is especially true for women, who tend to have a lower bone density and a higher tendency for bone loss as they age than men.

Improves Body Composition

Lifts like the clean & jerk and the snatch are really effective at helping the athlete burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time. These lifts involve many different muscle groups, helping yield the best caloric expenditure.

An Example Course ClassChelsey Dockter, CPMFitness Coach

Each class during this course will last 60 minutes. Here’s an example of how it will go:

  • Basic warmup
  • Barbell warmup (technique)
  • Strength portion 1) Snatch Pull + Snatch
  • Strength portion 2) Tempo Back Squat
  • Accessory work: ex. high box jumps, core work, etc.

This course is led by me — Chelsey, aka #drFit. We can’t wait to see you there and to coach you! Contact your CPM coach to sign up.

Together #LetsGetBetter!