Your One Page Fitness (Business) Plan for 2021

Next week is a big deal in the fitness industry. It happens every year.

During the second week of February, 80% of all New Year Resolutions will fail.

Why do New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

One of the biggest reasons people fail to keep their New Year’s Resolution is because they’re not specific enough. “It’s easier to drop out of walk away when you set goals or resolutions that are vague,” says psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert.

Our 2021 Solution to Succeed in Your Fitness Goals

At CPMFitness, we started the year by encouraging our members to choose their “One Word” for the year. That word is the driving force for 2021.

No goals.

No wish lists.

Just one word.

But then, we realized we only had a driver. Now we need a road map.

Introducing the One Page Fitness (Business) Plan 

The One Page Fitness (Business) Plan (OPFP) is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you craft a dominating strategy while keeping everyone in your life on the same page, literally and figuratively.

The OPFP is a succinct way to communicate your vision and action-oriented strategic plan to align everything in your life. A good OPFP works so well because it brings better alignment, clarity, accountability, and execution in your life.

Lets walk through the components of your One Page Fitness Plan.

1. One Word — and Why 

We covered this thoroughly in a previous blog post. Again, your “one word” is the driving force for the year and should apply to all six dimensions of your life.

2. Workouts

Wait, we have to workout?!

Our CPM prescription is 3-5 sessions a week (150-200/year). With this exercise standard, you simply can’t get out of shape.

This section of the OPFP is your spot to decide how you are going to make your exercise happen. This could be a list of rules, how you will change your schedule, or what needs to happen to make the workouts complete each week and for the year.

3. Nutriton

Our CPM prescription for nutrition is 17+ compliant meals per week. When your meals are as important as your workouts, your body will change and mold accordingly.

CPMFITness doesn’t follow any one diet and way of eating. We believe every human body is unique, but the requirements to success remain the same. When you shift your mind to eat like you train, you will view food differently and prioritize it accordingly.

Write your rules, diet, and strategy in this section.

4. Hydration

We believe that sufficient hydration is the #1 fat burner.

Whether you think you drink enough water or not, drink more and do it daily (even on the weekends). But there’s more to it than just drinking water — adding salt (sodium) and lime (potassium) will help hydrate your body even more efficiently.

Set your daily water intake goal in this section.

5. Power List 

Our CPM prescription is to pick 3-5 habits that you commit to daily. They will change your body and your mindset forever.

This is the “X Factor” in your fitness plan. Committing to a power list does more than change your daily habits; it changes your mindset and personal integrity. Each time you keep the promises you make to yourself, you will build more self confidence.

Pick 3-5 things that you will do everyday — even on the weekends, on a trip, and when you work late. Each habit must be very specific. For example:

  • Eat healthier this year = No rep!
    • Pack a healthy (compliant) salad for lunch everyday (even on the weekends) = Good rep.
  • Stretch everyday = No rep!
    • Spend ten minutes every night before bed doing soft tissue work. = Good rep.
  • Drink 100oz of water = Good rep!
    • Get 40oz of water before my first cup of coffee = Better rep!

A Few More Rules

  • If you achieve your Power List 21 days in a row, you have the option to edit the list if you feel it is now a habit and can work in something else to your daily routine.
  • Don’t add something that is already a habit. It must be something that you know you need in your life.
  • It doesn’t have to been just for fitness. You can add something like ten pages of reading a day or one random act of kindness.

Get Your CPM Stamp of Approval

Once you review your OPFP with your coach you will get a stamp of approval. (Literally — we have a stamp.)

Disclaimer: this can be challenging for many, but working with one of our coaches and setting up this plan for the year will be one of the best moves to achieve your best results.

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