We discussed the details and reasons of our upcoming 800 gram Nutrition (and Hydration) Challenge two weeks ago.

A few highlights:

  1. It’s simple — There is one metric to abide by: 800 grams a day of fruits and vegetables.
  2. It’s not a diet — There are no restrictions on any other foods. You have complete flexibility and perfection is not encouraged.
  3. Accountability — Because of the simplicity of a single metric, this challenge fosters more focus and daily accountability.

Why Do We Encourage You To Participate?

One to two times a year, we like to hold a nutrition challenge at CPM Fitness to provide you with a chance to really learn about yourself. This type of challenge is an opportunity to learn, meet, and grow with the community of CPMFITness.

This is also an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself to a level you may have not had a chance to in a really long time.

Are you on board for the #800gCHALLENGE? Here’s what you should expect and what my expectations are for each of you.

It is about Improving Yourself

“Your day is your life.”

As of today, you have been operating at a certain level which has led you to exactly your current state. This level provides you with your current fitness level, mindset, standards, and what you tolerate in your life.

When you participate in a challenge like this, you get a chance to shake up your normal/daily routine. You will have the chance to create new patterns and habits that can change the way you live daily and how your future will look.

A challenge like this with structured timelines and clear expectations provides the context and the sense of urgency to do it vs. push it off “until tomorrow.”

Environment Beats Mentality 

The #800gChallenge is not a complicated challenge.

Could you do it on your own? Yes.

Are you doing it now? Maybe some days, but probably not everyday.

I Googled a few things in researching this blog:

  • how many people gain weight back from a diet
  • why diets fail

Guess what??

  • 80% of people gain their weight back after being successful on their diet program.
  • 95% of diets fail

Why do you think that is? Supporting articles give solid points on how to not regain weight back. Here are a few tips:

  • Know your motivation
  • Don’t be drastic
  • Pack food
  • Choose healthy

What I didn’t find was the secret weapon I’ve found over the last 20 years of working as a professional fitness coach:

Environment is greater than mentality. People need people. 

If you don’t change on the inside (your mindset and perspective), you won’t change on the outside (your physicality) in the long term.

There are two ways to improve who you are from the inside — the books you read and the people you associate with.

Our #800gCHALLENGE includes a group of fellow liked-minded members and friends you will be participating with throughout the challenge. Everyone is signing up for similar reasons as you.

This is a rare opportunity to surround yourself with a positive, motivated, and supportive group of individuals. In that, you will be able to learn from them just as much as they will learn from you.

My Advice

A great goal is this challenge is to do everything you can to help everyone else with their goals and to bring as much as you can to the group and the challenge.

Ever heard of the old saying, “the more you share, the more you get?”

It is true. When you adopt this way of thinking, you are coming from a place of abundance. When you begin to help others, you begin to learn how to help yourself.

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