Spring Nutrition Challenge Begins April 5

spring nutrition challenge in Sioux Falls

We’re so excited that it’s finally spring! What better way to head into summer feeling great than by kicking off another nutrition challenge?

This Spring Into Fitness Nutrition challenge runs April 5-May 5 and is open to everyone — CPM members and beyond. Here are the details!

Hit Five Goals Each Day

During each day of the challenge, you have the opportunity to hit five goals:

  1. Protein — consume 0.8 grams of protein per pounds of goal bodyweight
  2. 45-minute outdoor walk
  3. No alcohol
  4. Gallon of water — ounces of water consumed can roll over to the next day; you’ll get a point each time you finish a gallon
  5. Stretch and flex — spend 10 minutes each day working on mobility


For each of the five daily goals in the challenge, you can earn one point, for a max daily total of five points.

Let’s say on Monday you most of your goals, but you couldn’t get that 45-minute walk in. You’d log four points for Monday. Like in the past, we’ll use the WodifyRise app to track your goals.

The Details

This nutrition challenge costs $60 and includes a new water pump CPM-branded jug and the chance to win cash grand prizes.

To sign up, talk to your coach and watch your inbox for an email with the official WodifyRise signup link.

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