The Fit Chic’s “Why” to Workouts

The Fit Chic’s “Why” to Workouts

I ask my clients constantly what they want, What is there “Super Why”, and what keeps them coming back.

I get answers from all over the board. ” I want to loose weight”. “I want to stay healthy for my kids”. “I want to crush a race”. etc … Most people forget the “why” and they just start going thru the motions. This is where I find the workouts or working out in general can get boring and mundane.

I have been an avid workout person for most of my life. First it was sports, then it was teaching fitness/Personal Training etc… […] Read more

What’s Sup!

What’s Sup!

I’m not a huge fan of taking lots of supplements. Why not? I actually had to think about this for a second… and honestly, I think it’s because I’m too cheap! Supplements are super expensive and often times they are gimmicks. Rather than spending money on something to “supplement” my diet, I try to eat healthy. Plain and simple. Between Chris, Annie and Nicole, I’m definitely the worst at eating healthy. No doubt about it. But I do my best 😃 I’m on no medications, as strong as ever and I rarely get sick… can’t think of the last time […] Read more

Supplementation: Good Idea? Bad Idea? No Idea:-/

Supplementation: Good Idea? Bad Idea? No Idea:-/


This week all the coaches are talking supplements. Over my exercise history I taken lots of different supplements over lots of different phases in my career.

I remember starting in High School (96′) playing on the varsity basketball team and lifting with the football team in the off-season. I was a skinny, (6’3″ 160lbs #yikes). My first exposure to supplements was the following:

-Creatine Monohydrate (4x/wk; pre lifting session) 
-Creatine Stack;  (1x/day at night)
-Muscle Blast (2x/day)

My sole purpose for taking them was to gain size and strength (obviously). And back then supplements did not taste as appealing as they are now. I […] Read more

Broga Time

Broga Time

Starting July 10th Fit and Flow will be changing instructors from Annie as she journey’s closer to motherhood to her co-pilot in FITness mr.CPM.

“I plan to keep all the great things that Fit and Flow has to offer while complimenting some of my style of yoga i.e. #broga. Look forward to smooth flows, adding strength postures to increase Range of Motion #strengthStretching and a kick butt workout to cap off the class.” ~ mr.CPM

Broga is becoming popular as it is to encourage #realMenstretch and improve their #flexibility (ladies are definitely encouraged to attend as well). I […] Read more

Stay Fit While on the Road!

Stay Fit While on the Road!

I chuckled to myself when Chris mentioned our blog topic for the week. Staying fit while on vacation. ☀️

 I used to workout like a machine while on vacation. As I’ve grown older, my days of vacation exercises have disappeared. That being said, I was ready for a workout after a few days at the lake this 4th of July week. Brownies, banana bread, trail mix and everything in between had me desperate for a workout.

Do you enjoy working out while on vacation? Yes? Great! My list of favorite outdoor and hotel workouts are below. If you don’t, give your […] Read more

Summer Shape, Vacations, Out of Town Made Easy

Summer Shape, Vacations, Out of Town Made Easy

July is here and this means summer is in FULL swing. Just like there are seasons of weather there are seasons with your FITness and Health. I think it is very healthy with your mind, body and soul to change your routine with the change of season.

Here in the mid-west I think this is the biggest shift for most people in seasonal change. Summer means a few things…
*Kids out for summer
*Urgency to take advantage of going to lake/beach.
*Staying up later due to sun setting later in the evening.
*More out of town trips will happen.

One of the hardest things for those […] Read more

Here Come the Kids!

Here Come the Kids!

The Anxiety is Setting In…

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been a little anxious these past couple weeks. My schedule is changing, I’ve decided to make myself busier and I’m nervous. I will be spending a lot more time with kids in July, both at CPM and in Canton. So I have to ask myself…

😯 How do I take my knowledge and apply it to kids?
🤔 What does a class with 7-10 years olds look like versus a class of 11-15 year olds?
😵 Will I be able to gain the respect and attention of the football team, wrestling team, all teams???
🤓 […] Read more

Change Your Words (5/5) = “Discipline”

Change Your Words (5/5) = “Discipline”

For me personally, I am a huge believer in discipline growing up and now in my adult life. But after reading this post it was the actual love for ‘IT’ that was driving me, not discipline. I’m excited to watch what happens now that I will look at love vs. discipline in the future.

The Myth Behind… Discipline. Why there is something MORE powerful than it?

The following article was written by world renowned health expert and strength coach Charles Poliquin. I came across this waay back in Oct 09 and it really gave me food for thought. I’d like to pass […] Read more

Track Your Max

Track Your Max

Do you know your numbers?

Life is crazy. We are constantly making decisions from the time we wake to when we go to sleep. Have you ever thought about how many choices you make in one day? I bet you would be surprised. So you walk into CPM and see 1 RM Back Squat on the board for Part A.

Do you have any idea where to start? 🤔
Do you know your goal? 🤔🤔

No? Well, start tracking your numbers. It only takes a minute after class and will not only help you get better but make your life easier!

Here’s a good starter […] Read more

Change Your Words (4/5) = “I Need Easy”

Change Your Words (4/5) = “I Need Easy”

I get these kinds of text messages all the time,

“I need to figure out what to cook… I need ‘easy’ recipes.“

Right after I read that kind of text, the first thing that pops in my head is, “Simple is the New ‘Easy‘”

My Perspective…

The opposite of Easy is HARD! When something is HARD it takes great effort. Why? Because you may lack a few things… Skills, Confidence, Clarity to name a few.

When things become ‘Easy’ it’s because things became simple. When things are simple it’s because you have the necessary Skills, Confidence, Clarity to make it simple.

Think about something simple in your life… Driving […] Read more

Fit Chic Coffee Protein Shake …

Fit Chic Coffee Protein Shake …

This is an amazing shake that is perfect for breakfast on the go! It gets your metabolism going a great protein balance to start your day and it’s ready in minutes!

Now you can have your breakfast and coffee in one!


1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 banana

1 scoop of almond butter

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

6 oz brewed cold coffee

6 oz unsweetened vanilla almond, coconut, or cashew milk

1 cup ice


Place all ingredients into a blender and blend on high until desired consistency is reached.

If smoothie is too thick add more milk if it is too runny grab more ice and reblend.


Today’s Workout is…

Part […] Read more

Who Do You Ask for Advice?

Who Do You Ask for Advice?

Don’t Get Mad At Me But…

When you need help with something, who do you ask?

I want to make more money ➡️ I seek advice from someone with money
I want to learn how to cook ➡️ I seek advice from a great cook
I want to learn how to hold a handstand for an hour ➡️ I ask a very fit Swedish man

So when you want to get into shape, lose weight or just be healthy…. who do you ask?

🥗 Example #1, diet. Are you asking your overweight friend who happened to lose 10 pounds on a new diet […] Read more

Change Your Words (3/5) = “I Don’t Have Time”

Change Your Words (3/5) = “I Don’t Have Time”

Each week, we are all entrusted with an irreplaceable fund of hours…168, to be exact.

How you spend these hours is entirely up to you.

You can putter around, watching hours and hours of Law & Order reruns. Or you can set about to change your community, or maybe even the entire world.

It just depends on how you choose to spend your fund of hours.

But to say that you don’t have time? Well, that’s garbage. You do have time—you have 168 hours.

A few years ago, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal that suggested we replace the phrase, “I […] Read more

A BiG CPM Announcement …

A BiG CPM Announcement …

Chris and I are proud to announce we will be introducing two new members to the CPM Family in October!

Chris and I are expecting two loving boys this Fall and can’t wait for you all to meet them!

As many of you know, Chris and I have had a long journey to get to this point and we feel so very blessed and thankful to have such a supportive, encouraging, loving community!

Thank you for all the prayers . We felt them and continue to feel them as we get one step closer each day to the greatest two gifts we could […] Read more

What Is a Metcon?

What Is a Metcon?

Metcon Defined

We like to throw a lot of terms and acronyms at you throughout the week. 
👉 EMOM (sometimes we call it EMOTM)
👉 Power Clean / Squat Clean / Hang Clean / High Hang Squat Clean

Can it get any more confusing? Probably not but if you pay attention, eventually all of this will become second nature to you.

Today I want to help you understand the term Metcon. When your friends ask you what kind of workouts you do, what do you tell them? Intense workouts? 😂 That would define a lot of them quite well but they can be […] Read more